The 8th Annual

Old School BMX Freestyle Reunion

March 18-20, 2016 at Woodward West

This is an annual invitational gathering of the legends of BMX Freestyle.

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LEGENDSCheck out some of the confirmed attendees this year

  • Eddie Fiola

    Eddie Fiola

  • Mat Hoffman

    Mat Hoffman

  • Dennis McCoy

    Dennis McCoy

  • Mike Dominguez

    Mike Dominguez

  • Dave Voelker

    Dave Voelker

  • Brian Blyther

    Brian Blyther

  • Ron Wilkerson

    Ron Wilkerson

  • Pete Augustin

    Pete Augustin


Woodward West opened in the summer of 2003 in Tehachapi, California, which is approximately two hours north of Los Angeles.  Woodward West hosts thousands of aspiring action sports, gymnastics, and cheer athletes from around the world.  This includes current and future Olympians, and some of the most recognizable names in action sports including many X Games medalists.  Woodward West offers weekly summer camp programs in gymnastics, cheer, skateboarding, BMX freestyle, inline skating, freeride mountain bike, and video production for kids 7 to 17. Woodward West also offers weekend getaways designed for families in the off-season.  Check out for more information.
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28400 Stallion Springs Dr.
Tehachapi, CA 93561
Phone: 661.822.7900


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Vans Haro


2015 Attendees

Here is the latest list of confirmed attendees for the 7th Annual Old School BMX Freestyle Reunion. This list does not includes spouses, girlsfriends, kids, etc.


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The 2015 OSBMXR Dates Announced!

We are live and registering for the 7th Annual Old School BMX Reunion, March 13-15, 2015 at Woodward West! We have a new registration process this year and all invited...


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RULES & F.A.Q. Stuff that you need to know before you go


Friday March 18 - Sunday March 20, 2016


Woodward West, Tehachapi, CA.

Click here for more information and driving directions.

Who can attend?
    • • This is by invitation only and you must be 38+ (yes the age requirement increases every year) years of age and ridden Tuff Wheels or Vector Bars at some point.
    • • 38+ rule does not apply to spouses or attendees children, both of whom are welcome to attend.
    • • All children must be accompanied with a parent, sorry no exceptions. You cannot bring your nephew or your kids buddies.
    • • Please understand we have limited space and uninvited show ups will be turned away. Thanks for your understanding.

To apply for an invite please email with proof of age and 80's riding photo of yourself.

Housing and Camping Information

You can request lodging at Woodward West when you register. However this does not guarantee you will receive lodging.

Rooms/Beds may be available, here are the options. You will be notified if your lodging request is approved and confirmed.

Lodge Rooms: Max capacity of 6 persons. $90 per night, min of 2 nights.

Hill Top Rooms: Max capacity of 4 people. Each room has 2 double beds. Minimum booking of 2 persons for 2 nights. All Hill Top beds will be filled, if you book 2 people in your room we will add 2 other attendees into the room. $20 per person, per night.

Shared Bunk Rooms: shared with 10-14 other attendees. $20 per person, per night. Minimum booking of 2 nights.

All lodging bookings are non-refundable once confirmed.

No camping or overnight stays in RV’s are allowed at Woodward West, Woodward West lodge or the town of Stallion Springs. Please don’t camp or park your RV’s on the street and stay overnight. The city will tow you.

Camping and RV Parks listed here:



No medical is provided at this event, think of it same as you would any other backyard jam. If you get hurt your own your own. This is another reason why all children must attend with their parents. If a kid gets hurt they need their parents, not their friends dad.

The Tehachapi Valley Hospital is a 30 min drive from Woodward West.:
Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District
115 West E Street
Tehachapi, CA 93561
(661) 823-3000

Tehachapi hotel listing:

Other Information

No camping or overnight stays in RV’s are allowed at Woodward West, Woodward West lodge or the town of Stallion Springs. Please don’t camp or park your RV’s on the street and stay overnight. This city will tow you. Camping and RV Parks listed here:

No BBQ’s or cooking is allowed at Woodward West or at the Woodward West lodge or in the parking lots.

Smoking is not allowed at Woodward West or at the Woodward West lodge

Drinking is not allowed at Woodward West or in any of the parking lots, including at the parking lot at the Woodward West lodge

Tehachapi hotel listing:

How to Register

1. If your a previous attendee please check your spam filter for the invite. If you don’t find an invite, email

2. Log in using your credentials included in the email.

3. Once you're logged in, follow the instructions at the bottom of the Registration page, complete with screenshots. Even a BMXer can do it.

4. Boom! You're done and should receive a confirmation email.

5. Be ready to party!

Since I came last year am I already confirmed for this year?

No, you are not confirmed for this year. You must receive an email invite, login to the website and complete the registration process including you, your spouse/girlfriend and kids. If you choose to blow off the registration process and just walk up with 3 of your buddies who are all under the 38 year old cut off rule and beg to get in, I’ll have Donovan Ritter throw you all the way out of Kern County and bend your bikes into balloon art just like a birthday clown.

Arrival and Check-in Instructions

Everyone must check-in at the Lodge, not the camp office, and will be required to fill out a waiver and will receive a wrist band which you will need all weekend to have access to camp. Check in times are 2pm-6pm on Friday and 9am-1pm on Saturday.

$65 for invited OS BMX’er, $45 for spouse/girlfriend/kids 18 and over. $25 kids 17-6. 5 and under free. Payable upon registration by Paypal via credit/debit card only, no refunds for either event registration or housing once paid.

This is a private event and is not open to the public, we apologize in advance for any problems or misunderstandings. You must be on the invite list to attend, no unregistered guests please.

Please understand we have limited space and can't accommodate everyone. Walk ups or party crashers will be turned away and then Dennis McCoy will swap rock you so hard it will crack your tuff wheels.

Are there rooms available on Thursday if we want to come up early or stay extra days?

No, please see the event schedule. But an exception is possible if you're willing to agree on two conditions.

1) Cold turkey attempt on the 70’ jump on the Mega. Must be on a 20”, non-suspended BMX.

2) Pay $11,000 per person/per night.

Will there be any meal options again this year?

No, however there are options in Stallion Springs at the Horse Thief Golf Course and P-Dubs down the street from Woodward West. Several food options in Tehachapi.

If you go to Tehachapi, Steve will get you a Mat Hoffman autograph if you bring him back a Venti Iced Coffee with soy from the Tehatch Starbucks!

Does my girlfriend pay even though she doesn’t ride?

Yes, girlfriends and spouses pay $45 even if they have never touched a BMX. I encourage OSBMXR attendees to bring their girlfriends and spouses for a couple reasons:

1) This is a family event for the love of Pete (Agustin)!

2) No one likes a dudefest!

However, they also take a spot away from an OS BMX’er since the event is limited to 300 attendees and there is always a waiting list. This is why they pay too. Hopefully they will have fun and appreciate their man’s passion and desire for being included in the elite fraternity of grey haired dudes who still ride little kids bikes.